Is teeth whitening harmful to me?

Is teeth whitening harmful to me?

The colour of your teeth depends on numerous factors. As most of other characteristics, genetics affects this one, too. There are factors like racial profiling and specificities of the climate as well.

However, what primarily affects the pigment i.e. shade of your teeth are your personal habits.

If you are a lover of coffee, good red wine or tobacco, you can expect your teeth get darker.

But, don’t worry! We should enjoy our lives, so we can’t deny all our passions. There is a solution for that problem.

One of them is a teeth whitening treatment!

Be sure that whitening of your teeth is completely safe if it’s administered by a professional.

Health organizations worldwide found that in-office teeth whitening treatment cannot damage your teeth.

There are many ways to bring the brightness of your smile back. Some of them you can accomplish at home, the others in the dental office. Of course, because of the specificities of the materials and apparatus used, we can say that in-office whitening is far more efficient, safer and ensures more long-term and more visible results.

If you have any concerns or dilemmas regarding the procedure and methods of whitening, you can call us at any time or visit our office. We will explain to you how it works and free you from any fear, so you can have white healthy smile again.

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