Oral surgery

Modern dentistry, by appropriate surgical procedures and applying local anesthesia, ensures painless oral-surgical interventions with a minimal trauma of surrounding tissues and rare postsurgical complications.

In our dental office you can be provided with all surgical interventions:

  • Tooth extractions (a non-complex, a complex and an extraction of impacted wisdom tooth)
  • Apicoectomy ( removing the root tip with a pathologic process, when a common treatment is impossible)
  • Bone augmentation (grafting of artificial bone where it is missing, in order to create conditions for the placement of dental implants)
  • Sinus lift (the procedure of elevation the sinus in order to place a dental implant)

We use the latest augmentation materials provided by the world’s leader within the sphere of restorative dentistry – Geistlich Bio-Oss, Bio-Oss Collagen, Bio-Gide etc.