Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry devoted to the correction of jaws growth and bites as well as the correction of teeth position for the purpose of functional and aesthetic reconstruction.  Aligning the teeth and relation between jaws reduces the risk of tooth decay, periodontal or TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disease and also improves and cures the anomalies of breathing, chewing, swallowing and speaking functions.

In Dental office Lakcevic the treatment is conducted by applying the up-to-date methods including both mobile and fixed orthodontic appliances. Mobile appliances are of different visual styles aiming to motivate the youngest patients. Fixed appliances include standard ones with metal braces, self-ligating systems as well as aesthetic braces or lingual positioned for most demanding patients.

Invisalign is the ultimate concept of aligning the teeth by individually modified clear aligners which enable restoring teeth in their correct position. A computer-guided plan of the treatment enables an exceptional functional effect, while the clearance of aligners makes it the most acceptable method of teeth restoring in terms of aesthetics.