Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of periodontal tissues i.e. tissues that surround a tooth. Among people it is known as parodontosis.

Bleeding, swelling and reddening of the gums are the first signs that periodontal tissue inflammation has started. As soon as these signs are noticed you should visit a dentist, because waiting for long can lead to a tooth loss.

It is important to emphasize that periodontitis is greatly widespread. It is estimated to be present with almost 2/3 of human population. Along with cavity it represents a major cause of losing the most number of teeth, which results in interfering with not only aesthetics but with chewing and speech functions.

The main cause of this disease is a specific bacteria of dental plaque which adheres to the teeth surface because of impropriate oral hygiene. Badly performed dental procedures, cavities, and bad habits, such as smoking, biting different things or gnashing teeth, can also contribute to the beginning of this disease. Faster development of periodontitis is helped by different systemic diseases, the lack of well-balanced diet and stress, along with weakened immune system.

To prevent the occurrence of periodontitis, the proper maintaining of oral hygiene is of great importance. It is not enough to use only a toothbrush and toothpaste, but also a dental floss and interdental brushes. If only a toothbrush is used, food leftovers stay trapped on teeth surface which fibers of a toothbrush cannot reach. These very narrow areas between the teeth filled with gums represent the place where periodontitis begins.

This disease is treated, but which medical treatment will be applied depends on the stage of its progress. If the patient visits a dentist in the early stage of disease, it is possible to stop the pathologic process and cure it by applying conservative methods such as scale removing and periodontal pockets cleaning.

However, the most number of patients visits the dentist at the stage when a surgical treatment is necessary in order to regenerate lost tissues especially bones.

In specialized Dental office Lakcevic, we apply the most modern methods in treating this disease.